The Benefits of Active Release Technique Therapy

Active release technique (ART) therapy is gaining popularity among athletes, trainers, and chiropractors as a non-invasive and stress-alleviating practice. This tissue massage therapy technique involves deep work into the muscle tissue to promote self-healing and wellness. It is great for people of all ages as it aids in improving mobility and reducing bodily pain and soreness.

The objective of ART is to remove tension found in muscles, tendons, and connective tissues. It also is done to break down scar tissue build-up that may have formed from overuse, repetitive use, or trauma to the muscles from any sort of accident or injury. Tension and scars can cause pain and stiffness, and the Active Release Technique works to alleviate these conditions. 

Active Release Technique Benefits

Active Release Techniques are great for almost every musculoskeletal condition you can think of. An active release therapy session begins with an examination of your body to assess the situation and evaluate your tissue and muscle conditions.

There are many rejuvenating benefits that come with active release techniques.

Prevent Injury Proneness

Scar tissue build limits mobility and function, which prevents the muscles from properly lengthening and shortening. Not only will this lead to excess soreness and discomfort, but it can also lead to potential injury. ART reduces the likelihood of potential future strains, tears, and other muscle and tissue injuries.

Reduce Chronic Pain

Back and neck pain are two of the most common areas for chronic pain in the USA. Whether it’s from a long day of hard work or playing with the kids, we all experience neck and back pain from time to time. Back and neck pain can be very painful and limit mobility, reducing the quality of life. Active release therapy helps release tension, decompress nerves, and improve mobility so that you can go back to doing the things that matter to you.

Increase Mobility and Range of Motion

When you suffer from an accident or injury, the trauma can lead to acute or chronic pain in your muscles and tissues, which limits your mobility. One of the best benefits of ART is that it relaxes tensed-up muscles, tissues, and nerves in the body to give you your full range of motion back. Just a few ART sessions can massively improve your mobility and make you feel better than you’ve felt in years.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Whether it’s chronic back pain, or tightness and stiffness, discomfort in the muscles and joints is all too common among adults. These conditions can prevent you from a good night’s sleep or being able to exercise to your full capacity. It is important that you are able to take on each day with full confidence and comfort in your body. With ART treatments and therapy, you can regain your full mobility and comfort and get back to doing the things you love; pain-free! With this all-natural and non-invasive active-release therapy, you’ll notice the profound positive effects it has on your body in no time.

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