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When starting your weight loss journey, take a moment to look at all the different aspects of your life. Are you exercising regularly? Do you maintain good sleep habits? And, most importantly, are you eating properly?

Eating properly—and knowing how to—can be a major stumbling block in your weight loss journey and embracing a healthier lifestyle. That’s why Body Integrations Chiropractic is proud to offer nutrition counseling with our nutritionist in Houston

It’s Time to Improve Your Life

When diet and exercise don’t seem to be helping with weight loss, an underlying issue might be what is standing in the way. Dr. Nicol gets to the bottom of the problem and shows you how to correct it. He works with you to create a plan for your journey to help you achieve your desired results. Finally, you’ll be able to get the answers you have always wanted and lose weight for good.


Enjoy our personalized nutritional counseling

We want you to succeed with your weight loss goals. The tools and guidance you need can be found here with nutrition counseling with Dr. Nicol. We offer simple nutritional suggestions and easy exercise options. Our nutritional evaluation will narrow down what foods you are sensitive to and perform a comprehensive nutritional analysis of your body’s intracellular function.

We work to ensure you have sufficient vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients your body needs. Our analysis also lets you know your risk for developing inflammatory conditions such as heart disease or diabetes.

Nutrition counseling doesn’t need to be overwhelming, and it doesn’t have to be stressful. If you’re looking in Houston for a nutritionist, check out those of us here at Body Integrations Chiropractic, and book with us today.

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